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Myths of The Energy Healer - Reiki, Busted with Facts

Reiki healing is a form of alternative or complementary health care approach that focuses on healing the energies that run through your body. When one is afflicted by injury or emotional trauma, energy tends to stagnate and it leads to further illness. Reiki helps unblock such energies that lead to better healing.

Reiki, as the energy healer, has gained a lot of traction in the world of healing. It has been a trending topic on social platforms and is most accepted by demographics of all ages.

Here are a few reasons that point out why reiki gets so much of today’s attention.

● Relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue

● Treats depression

● Enhances quality of life

● Boosts mood

● Improves symptoms and conditions for many ailments

There are many myths about reiki that float around that tend to catch on as the norm. Along with its gaining popularity, a few false notions about the therapy have been making the rounds, that are not true and can be busted with actual proven facts. We have gathered 5 myths that we have debunked with factual explanations.

Myth: Reiki is a sect or religion.

Fact: Although reiki deals with spirituality, it is not associated with any sect or religion.

Myth: Reiki is too complicated.

Fact: Reiki is one of the most straightforward therapies to understand. It revolves around energy transfer from practitioner to subject and is the most transparent.

Myth: Reiki heals all ailments.

Fact: Reiki does not advocate or claim to heal everything. It only sets the energies of the mind and body conducive to healing.

Myths: Reiki is a one-session healing solution.

Fact: Although this is a solution to many, reiki can sometimes take more than one session to reap its benefits.

Myth: Reiki is free because it uses divine energy.

Fact: While the energy source is entirely free, learning and mastering the skill and ability to use Reiki energy to heal is not. While using the Divine Energy to heal an exchange needs to occur, which is often the Ying-Yang affect.

With Healing by Don, we offer Reiki session that will help align your energies for a smooth-running healing mechanism in the body. We have an experienced practitioner in the field of energy healing and are dedicated to giving you the best in managing your symptoms and helping you lead a better life.

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