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Healing by Don Welcomes You

Providing Wellness for the Mind, Body & Soul.


Hi, I am Don

Welcome to my Wonderful Healings site!


      At Healing by Don our goal is to bring you back to optimum health & relaxation. We offer a broad range of Healing Services that will help you to feel better, regain that energy and some of that youth you once had. I have been a Nurse for over 29 yrs and several years as a REIKI Master, Angelic Healer, Dowsing Healer, Foot Reflexologist & Indian Head Massage Practitioner.


     I am situated in the Southern part of Niagara, we offer a wide variety of Healing Practices, including incorporating  some Healing Services together to better serve you.  We know that Spiritual healing isn't for everyone and this is why we offer other Therapeutic touch services. Contact us and we can help you find the method that is right for you.

     Are you ready to make a positive health change for your life today? Or even better yet, give a gift of improved health to a loved one with one of our many Gift Certificates available.

Our Services

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Male sitting in peace,

True Natural Healing with Improved General Well-Being.

      The services that we provide are a true natural way of healing that can help you feel better by Rejuvenating and Energize you. But more importantly, I can reduce your Anxiety, symptoms of Depression, along with alleviate your pain in your day to day life.


      My Spiritual services are for everyone, including our precious Fur Babies (Pets), no mater age or location. My Spiritual healing services can be in person or by great distance. Foot Reflexology and Indian Head Massage are only provided in person.


      What are you waiting for, book now and feel the difference.  What do you have to lose, Pain? Anxiety? Depression? Low Energy?  But again if you want to keep that, that's fine too.

Thanks for Visiting our page and we are looking forward to improving your health so you can live better, feel better soon.

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