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Foot Reflexology

What is Foot Reflexology?

      Reflexology is a type of massage therapy that involves applying different amounts of pressure to specific points along your feet. It’s based on a theory that these pressure points are connected to certain organs and body systems by the Nervous System, also known as Zone Therapy.  When pressure is applied to these areas and points it stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels and helps to restore homeostasis and balance in the body.


      This has been around for thousands of years, first developed by the Egyptians and later found in Chinese cultures. People who practice this technique are called Reflexologists. Reflexologists believe that applying pressure to these parts offers a wide range of health benefits. It helps reduce stress, stimulates your body’s organs, as well as detoxifies your body and gives you more energy. Reflexology is complementary to medical treatments, it can be done alongside traditional medical care.

      There are approximately 7,000 nerve endings in the human foot, each of them is a reflex point that corresponds to body parts and organs. Reflexologists use specific finger and thumb manipulations to stimulate these reflex points and they know exactly which area of the foot corresponds to which body part by learning the Reflexology chart.    

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

      Medicine may not always be the answer, for thousands of years, the Chinese and Egyptians have practiced Reflexology. It is an alternative treatment for a variety of health and medical conditions as well as prevention of illness' by relieving symptoms of stress and previous injuries. By merely applying pressure to areas to of the feet, specific reflex areas of the body and organs can be treated.

      Each area of the body is connected to a particular pressure point in the feet. Reflexology may help you feel less stressed, more relaxed, more energized, boost your overall well-being and more important the prevention of illness'. But the benefits might go deeper if you have certain health issues, by reducing someone's symptoms you're improving their quality of life. They feel less pain and discomfort if they have less stress and Reflexology may help with that.


      When Reflexology is applied to your life on a regular basis it can help keep your body healthy. Your body has the natural ability to correct and strengthen itself. Book an appointment with me today & start enjoying the benefits of this amazing therapy, your body will thank you!


Please email or Text today to book your session for a Healthier you.


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