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Spiritual Dowsing

      There are many forms of Dowsing, Spiritual Dowsing is a way of focusing on the Spiritual or Divine Energy. With the use of specialized metals or crystal Pendulums, not like the uses of a divining rod that locates minerals and water, but to connect with a higher power, the Divine Energy.

      Spiritual Dowsing dates back thousands of years. Its original purpose was for connecting with Divine Energies. It is a therapy today that works with energy, Divine Energy to be precise. The practice lets you become aware of and affect subtle energies that are present around us. Spiritual Dowsing, to put in simple words, is a kind of intentional prayer.

      How is it done you may ask; Spiritual Dowsing does not interfere or work with Communion with the Creation or the Divine Energy. It works on the Form plane, that is, it affects energy and matter. This is done intentionally, this is to make a positive change in the energy form, optimum brain function and for the highest good for us as a whole.

      Dowsing can be categorized into few basic skills: locating objects, healing, psychic communication and diagnostic. Dowsing by levels can be: physical (contact dowsing), energetic (remote dowsing) and quantum dowsing (informational dowsing) that is developing quickly in the last 20 years. 


      A dowsing session helps to get rid of unwanted energies and to enhance the vibration of various aspects of life, this includes mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. It is also possible to use this therapy on adults, children, pets or plants. A spiritual Dowsing session can happen in person or as distant healing. It will harness a healing power and strengthen the ability to balance your inner self with your electro-magnetic field by strengthens our Aura.

      Some people regard dowsing as a pseudoscience, of course, there is science behind Pendulum Dowsing. But, for many centuries, experts use it as a divination tool. Some people say, the therapy works on the Ideomotor phenomenon. This involves mental perception. It directs the dowsing instrument involuntarily to shift in a particular direction. Experts believe that this involuntary shift of the instrument has a connection with the consciousness. All living beings, including plants, and things like crystals and metals possess consciousness, according to experts. It is this consciousness that emits energies.

      Simply reading about this therapy is not enough. You must experience what it is by having a Spiritual Dowsing session by certified Expert.


Please email or Text to book your session today for a Healthier you.


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