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I have battled Cancer, low energy since my Chemo treatments, I have also had a Hip Replacement. Don has helped me tremendously. With REIKI & Spiritual Dowsing, I would not be able to live as well as I do without it. Don's ability to do this is amazing, a true powerful Healer.

Barb L.
Fonthill, On.

I have been a client of Healing by Don for a few years now. He has given me back my independence, regained some of that lost energy & i feel so much better since my treatments.

Joe G.
Niagara Falls, On.

Foot Reflexology has given me back some of my youth again, I am free of my daily feeling of my sciatic nerve pain & I feel so relaxed. I feel 10 years younger & lighter on my feet, I am amazed, Thanks Don.

Fran C.
Pelham, On.

I met Don 2 years ago in rehab hospital for broken hip. Early one morning this man is standing in the door way telling me this is your lucky day. My response oh really, rolling my eyes. Why? I asked. He retorts because I'm your Nurse, not just any Nurse with a big smile.

And that's where my pain world took on a brighter light. I have very many health issues and lots of meds for pain. Don, I thank you for the relief you've given me. The pains has improved tremendously and my mobility has really improved as well, Reiki has been so beneficial for me. I have recommend Don to many of my neighbor's, they saw me before and after a REIKI treatments, they comment on how amazed they are seeing me after Don has worked with me. The difference I feel afterwards is incredible, I didn't believe in Spiritual Healing till I had received a REIKI Treatment with Spiritual Dowsing, I am so glad I tried it & listened to Don.






I’m not sure where to begin, I have suffered my entire life with Mental Health and recently I’ve destroyed my right foot leaving be bedridden for a decent amount of time. When I found out Reiki & Spiritual Dowsing was an option I knew I had to try and that’s where everything changed. To say my mind was blown at the way I felt would be an understatement. When he finished my mind was quiet for the first time in my life and I felt intense emotions and peace in myself. Due to my inability to walk, Don came to me, Don is truly an incredible person and he has a real gift. I can’t thank you enough for this truly incredible experience. You will not be disappointed meeting Don, he will brighten your life just meeting him.


Glenna L.
St. Catharine's, On.

Nicole P.
Welland On.


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